Zola Nombona opens up about hiding her Pregnancy – I was uncomfortable


It’s not always the right time for one to share the news that you are expecting a bundle of joy, especially when you are a celebrity as followed as Zola Nombona, and she knows that first hand.

But now that she’s shared her great news, she’s opened up about how hard it was to conceal her pregnancy.

“Hiding a pregnancy is not a joke, my darling,” she began.

Zola remembered one time before she shared her baby bump with the world when she had to be strategic about what she wore because she didn’t want the world to know yet.

Zola Nombona

“I remember going to this event and feeling like my pants were going to rip. I was uncomfortable. Everything felt tight. I couldn’t even hear the music (which was loudly deafening, if I might add) All I wanted to do was to go home.” she said.

The actress has a huge following on social media, and her fans have showered her with nothing but love since hearing there’s a baba on the way.

Plus she looks amazing. Her preggy glow is too much for these streets!

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Sonia Mbele

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