Zodwa Wabantu encourages bae Ntobeko Linda to play with her Boooty

Zodwa Wabantu and bf
Zodwa Wabantu and bf


Zodwa Wabantu encourages Bae to play with her Boooty in latest Instagram Post. We are already impressed at how these 2 are so much in love. They seem to understand and love each other very much. They might just be our couple goes!

Zodwa Wabantu took to Instagram where she was encouraging her man to play handsy with Assets. She said… “Bamba baby its Friday 😂😂💃💃💃💃💃🙆 Rent Free A ss🔥🔥🔥🔥😜😉” Here is the picture that got us all talking.

Zodwa Wabantu and bae

Even Dr Malinga had a comment, he said: “U bambe i rago u guy 😂😂” In all this, there is a comment that got us thinking that Zodwa Wabantu and Ntobeko Linda might just be the best couple in Mzansi.

The comment from mcziemash read: “Zodwa…. you are what a lot of our wives and sisters need to know and talk to. This is what a relationship should consist of. Love and **playfulness**…. play together coz you’ll continue to grow together. Abantu babotshiy’ ukuba-too serious nge-life.”

Zodwa and Ntobeko Linda
Queen, King🙏😌❤️ Siyajola❤️ Chocolate🍫 Taste👅

This is what a happy couple looks like. They are not afraid to show that they love one another and they are not letting the age difference cause problems for them. Zodwa Wabantu and Ntobeko Linda are clearly our couple goals and we wish them all the best.

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