Zinzile Ngema advise her daughter on waiting for the right man #Scandal

Zinzile Ngema
Zinzile Ngema


Usually when a child has gone against the primal teachings of their parents or guardians, a beating or harsh tongue lashing is bound to follow. However, loyal viewer’s of etv’s Scandal were presented with an unconventional approach to disciplining a child that has disobeyed their parents, but more especially themselves.

Last night’s episode of Scandal! saw Lindiwe Ngema finally coming out in the open about her shameful and unethical acts of going about carving a name for herself in the notorious music industry as a musician. What was striking about the scene between Lindiwe and her mom, Zinzile was the safe and warm place that Lindi had seemingly landed on. What could have been a screaming match on Zinzi’s part, ended up being a loving and more calm approach as she gave Lindi solid advise.

Zinzile Ngema

However, Zinzile did voice out her disappointment with her daughter’s actions, but she did it in such a dignified and nurturing fashion. She continued to advise her daughter about waiting for the right man who will see her virtue as a woman.

Zinzile Ngema

Zinzile also made mention of the unfair stereotype and double standards that is set between men and women – in the sense that when a woman has slept with quite a few men, she is mostly to be judged for that, however with a man who also sleeps around, he will less likely receive any judgement none whatsoever.

Lindiwe had a hard time wrapping her head around this silly stereotype, but her mom made sure that she does not dehumanise further, as she was already feeling bad about herself. Zinzile also advised Lindi to keep striving for greatness regardless of what has happened to her, as surely she can imagine how difficult it is going to be for Lindiwe to rebuild her sense of dignity as a woman.

Lindiwe Ngema

This storyline could serve as a refined model of disciplining a child that has went astray. The warm interaction between mother and daughter on Scandal! played out so well on screen that some could have easily wished for that kind of a relationship with their mothers in real life.

This isn’t the first time whereby both Lindiwe and her mom shared intimate and personal scenes as Lindiwe had kept her mom’s secret about her advancing her education when her father, Mlungisi Ngema was against the whole idea.

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