Zee World May 2019 Highlights – Teasers of your favourite Telenovelas

King of Hearts
King of Hearts


Zee World May 2019 Highlights – Teasers of your favourite Telenovelas and they will keep you at the edge of your seat. Don’t miss all these and more on DStv Channel 166.

My Golden Home

This month on My Golden Home, Priyanka catches Veer in a very compromising position. Jhumroo tricks Abha into secretly marrying him. Albeli receives what she considers good news. Jhumroo and uncle devices a plan to take Abha away.

It is Albeli’s last night at Swarn Bhawan and she is having a hard time to leave. Karan goes for tests as it is suspected that he might have been poisoned. Priyanka has her cards set out and is ready to cash in. Priyanka spills the beans about Albeli to the entire family. Who will the family believe, Priyanka, Albeli? It is Chandra’s death anniversary and the two families have united for a special worship.

My Golden Home
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Abha and Albeli are both ready to attend the worship. Abha and Albeli come face to face, but they need to prove to the family who the real Abha is, they are put through a test. Albeli confesses her love for Karan and tells Karan she can’t live without him. Abha returns to Nilanjana’s place. Kanika shows she is really changing. Lata has a heartfelt talk with Aruna over the phone. The families arrive at their destination, but Abha can’t shake the feeling that something bad will happen.

Despite Karan assurance that all is well, Abha’s premonitions are getting stronger each time. Sheetal is examined by Doctor Viren and finds out the shocking news about her pregnancy. Nilanjana becomes a beacon of hope once again. The Prasad’s women arrive in Swarn Bhawan to prepare for the celebration except for Abha. Everybody is waiting for the Prasad men to arrive for worship but there is no sign of them. Asmi switches on the television news and they learn of an accident on the old high way road. Shelly is in denial and attends Vimal’s funeral unconsciously. Dr Viren refuses to operate on Karan and gives Abha an ultimatum.

This is Fate

This month on This is Fate, Karan is getting married to Monisha and while she is convinced that Karan is in love with her, Preeta and Karan are only gathering evidence.

This is Fate
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Sarla finds herself at the mansion to support the family that told her never to come there again.

Twist of Fate 2

Tanu is insecure at the anniversary party feeling like Pragya still rules Abhi’s heart. Meanwhile, Abhi and King have a difficult conversation about Pragya.  Even though Pragya and King are pretending to be married, Tanu and Aliya are still insecure about her presence.

Twist of Fate 2
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Tanu and Aliya are implementing their plan to kill Pragya. King questions Abhi about him and Pragya, will Abhi tell the truth? Tanu is disappointed that Pragya is awake, Disha is pained by all the secrets Pragya is keeping from them.


This month on Mehek, Norah and Kara’s relationship takes a knock and there is a lot at stake. Shaurya ends Mehek’s misery and saves her from making a big mistake. Shaurya offers Mehek a job at his restaurant only to find out that she is working for KD. Mehek confesses her love for Shaurya, he responds to the news with a big gesture. Norah start to be receptive to Dennis’s support as she tries to make sense of the situation. Mehek picks her family over Shaurya and Shaurya picks Mehek and her family over his own.

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Sanjana interferes in Norah’s relationship and Norah is uncertain what to believe. Leleti is open to giving the Norah Karan relationship a chance but what is her husband’s take on it? Svetlana visits Sanjay in prison with a proposal on how they will take Shaurya down, however,  there is a new member in their team. Norah and Karan make up thanks to Sonal’s efforts to bring them back together.

Shaurya is up in arms about Sanjay’s arrival and is making sure that nothing disrupts his plans with Mehek at any cost. Sanjana gets her hands on some of Karan and Norah’s compromising photos and despite Norah tries to attempt to get them back, Eddie see them. Norah find out about Eddie’s conversation with Karan and all is not well in the Gabela family. Karan has decided to leave Delhi and Norah is devastated.

Mehek prepares to fight for her love with Shaurya with her families blessings. Swetlana is not happy as Mehek returns to the Khannah household to reclaim her place as Mrs Shaurya Khannah. Norah is critical at the hospital after the poisoning incident. At the pit of a rumbling storm, Karuna becomes Mehek’s shoulder to cry on and her motivation to carry on. Norah is insecure about losing her voice and fears she might be losing Karan too. Mehek packs her bags and leaves the Khannah mansion.

King of Hearts

This month on King of Hearts, DD invites Sid’s parents to dinner where she humiliates and belittles them.  Siddharth tells his family that his engagement to Roshni has been broken and that their relationship is over. Roshni finds out that her mother has been deceiving her the entire time. Krish sets a trap for Sid but later finds out that Roshni is the one that falls into it. It is Sid and Roshni’s wedding day, but not everyone is happy about this wedding taking place.

King of Hearts
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Sid and Roshni go to her home to get Durga’s blessings but all Durga does is spit venom to her daughter’s face. Sid decides to be stubborn and live with DD until she gives him her blessings. Sid is arrested for attempted murder and in order to ensure his release, DD issues out conditions. DD organises a party and makes Sid cook for the guests. Roshni is deeply hurt by this behaviour but Sid is positive and believes that this will bring him one step closer to his goal. Roshni is finding it difficult to adapt to being a housewife.

Roshni and Resham attend a prayer which happens to be at the Kurana family’s house.  Sid’s parents see Roshni and realize that their secret might be exposed. Durga sees Sid with another woman, Pratima.  She quickly jumps into the conclusion that he is cheating on Roshni.  It is Roshni’s first time fasting for Sid’s wellbeing however she’s angry with him as she is convinced that he is cheating. DD executes her plan to expose Sid and Pratima and quickly realizes that things aren’t always as they seem. DD decides to throw Babloo out of the house.

Roshni decides to look for a job in order to cover household expenses. Roshni’s life is in danger when she is kidnapped. Sid realises that him pretending to be poor is costing him his wife’s safety and decided to reveal the truth to her. DD finds herself in a difficult situation with her business, Babloo comes to the rescue but will DD take help from him?  It appears that the person DD trusts is the one stabbing her in the back. Roshni confronts DD, pays the money she and her husband owe her as she intends on leaving the house forever.  Will Sid agree to them parting on bad terms?

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