Workers request for a P0KE break at work



Workers request for a P0KE break at work. The post quickly went viral, and now many SunReaders are suggesting this as a great motivational tool. Dumisani Ndimande said all he needs is one round and work will flow like a river. It started as a Facebook post . . . and now everybody wants a lunchtime poke break.

“One round is all I need. I can even move a fridge alone at the warehouse,” he said. Tau Sebata completely agrees with this idea.

“If government institutions can have bars at their offices, why not allow hyper pokers to flex their muscles a little if it would help them be more productive? And they don’t need an hour. It will be quickie sessions,” he said.

Zebediela Malesela said it would be good if you work with your partner, but other than that it would promote promiscuous behaviour. Hazel Mthimunye said this would work for her if she had hot colleagues, but at the moment she is not motivated.

Office romance


Thabi Motha said when she gets home from work stressed, all she does is poke her boyfriend and all goes away. “Imagine if this took place at work, I would be the best employee ever!” she said.

Daily Sun spoke to Saai Mahlangu, the CEO of Mpumalanga Press, who is strongly against this. “This will promote immoral behaviour among my employees and I won’t implement this,” he said.

Source: Daily Sun

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