Woman beaten up and forced to say sorry to the Man who raped her


She thought being raped and thrown out into the street was the worst thing that could possibly ever happen. But then the community got hold of her and added insult to injury.

They poured water over her, beat her, and made her apologize to her alleged rapist!

The 32-year-old from Maubane in Hammanskraal, Tshwane, said she and a friend went to a tavern on Saturday night.

On her way home a man came up to her and told her she shouldn’t walk alone.

It was too dangerous, he’d said.

“There was a group of guys watching me,” she said.

“I was standing alone waiting for my friend when the man came to me.”

She thought going to the man’s house was the safest thing to do, but it turned out to be a bad mistake – a very bad mistake.

“Once inside the house, he took out a condom and started raping me,” she claimed.

“I asked him to stop but he forced me. I was scared he’d kill me so I didn’t scream.”

She said when the man was done he opened the door and threw her out of the house.

“He told neighbours outside the house that I didn’t want to leave,” she said.

“Residents called me names and said I was drunk. They beat me up and emptied a five-litre bottle of water over me.”

And then came the worst insult.

She said that she was forced to apologize for not leaving the man’s home.

“They said I must apologize to him, and he acted as if he hadn’t done anything to me.

“How can you apologize to a person who’s just raped you?

“I was happy when I saw the people in the street, thinking I’d get help. But instead, I was assaulted.

“Some residents asked how much I wanted instead of opening a case. After this I felt unworthy and dirty.”

She said those people and the man must go to jail so that next time, when they see someone on the road at night, they help instead of treating them like thugs.

Her 41-year-old sister said she’d spoken to her after the incident.

“She explained everything. We tried to get help from the police, but nothing has happened,” she said.

“I want those people to rot in jail: from the person who raped her to the residents who assaulted her. They must all go to jail. This is going to affect my sister. The police must do their job before I end up doing something.”

Police spokesman Captain Mavela Masondo said a rape case was opened at Temba police station. “No arrest has been made yet and investigation is continuing,” he said.

-Daily Sun

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