Winter is upon us says Somizi

Media personality and all-around inspiration Somizi Mhlongo has been living his dream for several years now. Between attending red carpet events, getting engaged and filming his own reality show, Somizi has proven that aspirations can become reality with a lot of hard work and plenty of fun in between. When you’re dripping with this much sauce, your life has to be amazing, right?

Somizi Mhlongo

Somizi is well known for his fancy dressing but this time he has outdone himself and he is looking Amazing with his long and Fancy Scarf, I’m sure he knitted himself because he is the man of many Talents.

Somizi Mhlongo

This is the most stunning and best Scurf we have seen so Mr Somizi must sell them because winter is upon us and this one you will keep and feel warm.Somizi Mhlongo

Whatever he wears he always looks good and we love how he mixes and Matches his outfits, keep up the good work Mr King of Swagger.

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