Who is Pearl Hart aka PearlCandy?

Who is Pearl Hart aka PearlCandy? That is the question I asked myself earlier today when I stumbled upon her Instagram Page. So I decided to do a little digging and here is what I found and let’s spice it up with a few pictures.

Pearl Hart
That @beyonce Effect 🌬🌬🌬✨✨✨
#crownedp #pearlcardy #peecardy

Pearl Hart is one of Africa’s hottest TV/Radio personalities. She graduated from the Prestigious University of Lagos with a degree in Geography and Planning. She has been Endorsed by a series of companies including one of Africa’s leading telecommunications company (Etisalat now 9Mobile). Pearl is currently one of Nigeria’s most sought after media personalities. She hosts some of Nigeria’s most prestigious TV shows, Top 10 South Africa, Top 10 USA and City Divas. Alongside co-hosts Soundcity’s flagship programme Top 10 Nigeria.

Pearl Hart
S T R O N G I N S I D E ❌ S O F T O U T S I D E
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Pearl popularly known as PearlCardy on Instagram is your go-to girl on Weekend Radio. Hosting The Weekend Central prime time on Nigeria’s leading radio station Soundcity98.5fm.

Her versatility shows in the dynamics of these different shows. Her consistency in the entertainment industry has built for her a stronger root among her peers.

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There you have it… If you were like me and didn’t know who Pearl Hart was, I guess that gives you a few answers.

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