Watch: Oprah Winfrey’s ‘banana bread scandal’ with Thando Dlomo


Has this happened at your house?

It’s day 61 of lockdown and you’ve probably made everything from dalgona coffee to banana bread. But have you also seen the bread disappear as quickly as those bananas ripened?

Because Oprah just shared an all-too-relatable scenario in which she questioned her partner, Stedman Graham, about what happened to the last of the banana bread.

“I had all of it… It was so good,” he casually responded when being questioned.

“Uncle Sted, you didn’t leave any for us,” a shocked Thando Dlomo says in the video. Thando, who is one of the first South African women to attend and graduate from the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls (OWLAG), adds: “Uncle Sted, you have no remorse!”


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Has this happened at your house? You make something and it disappears and WHO ate it? We had a Banana bread confrontation. Called @stedmangraham into kitchen and this is what happened…

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Oprah is currently social distancing with Stedman – who reunited with the talk show host after being in quarantine himself – as well as ‘daughters’ Thando and Sadé, another former student of OWLAG.

From quarantine haircuts to painting Easter eggs and giving each other pedicures, check out more moments of the four in quarantine here:

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Self-Care Sunday with assistance from daughter-girl @thando_d. And @footnanny hemp cream. Doing our best to help crusty feet ??!

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Never in a million years did I see me and @stedmangraham doing a puzzle on a weekday night. But after two months in quarantine, we’ve had to figure out different ways to spend time together. That’s why this week’s theme for #YourLifeInFocus will be CONNECT. How can relationships with your significant other, your family, your friends, and, most importantly, yourself grow in this time of social distancing? We’ll have renowned couples therapist @estherperelofficial answering questions and the always delightful @traceeellisross checking in. Tap the link in my bio to sign up for free! See you this Saturday 5/23 at 11 AM EST! #OprahandWW @ww

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You know it’s a LOCKDOWN when I (!!!) am coloring Easter eggs. Haven’t done this since the third grade. They didn’t arrive in time for Easter and we didn’t want to wait til next year!

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We’re all having to make do. With No hairdressers. No barbers. My daughter girl @thando_d convinced @stedmangraham to give her a haircut. His first time with clippers. Stressful for some Hilarious for others ??

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