Vusi Nova leaves Gaborone High and dry

AFRO pop sensation Vusi Nova left Botswana opposition leader and presidential hopeful Advocate Duma Boko high and dry on Saturday when he dashed off after a one-song performance at an election rally. Nova was the toast of Botswana’s capital Gaborone where he enthralled supporters of the country’s main opposition United Democratic Change at its what is an equivalent of Siyanqoba Rally on Saturday late afternoon.

Vusi Nova

Nova had had thousands of crowds in the colorful party blue regalia eating from the palms of his hands as he sent them into a craze with his hit Asphelelanga at Gaborone Bonnington North Diphetogo Grounds.It appears after introducing the politician Nova dashed off without informing his guests.

After delivering his speech, Boko could be heard on stage inquiring the whereabouts of the musician only to be told that Nova has left.He is said to be the favorite artist of UDC leader and presidential hopeful Boko who it is said despite the presence of local artists, had specifically instructed that he be introduced to the stage during Nova’s performance.

Vusi Nova

And Nova did not disappoint. He even tweaked the song and included the Boko in the lyrics in what appeared to be a well rehearsed move. As he took to the stage, news filtered in that Boko was on his way and the anticipating crowd became excitedly restless yet enthralled in blistering heat.

And in anticipation of Boko’s arrival organizers started dishing out umbrellas, sparking off a stampede as the young and old jostled to get their hands on what appeared to be a priced umbrellas. A choking dust swelled around the tiny sports grounds as the elderly and the young tried to undo each other to the bakkie where the umbrellas where being tossed to the crowd, sending panic among the thousands that have come to hear the message of the presidential hopeful in one of his final messages before the 900 000 thousand registered voters head to the polls on Wednesday.

Sanity prevailed when the bakkie was ordered to leave the sporting ground but that did not stop the wishful umbrella owners from pursuing the bakkie as it navigated its way out of the stadium. As Boko was said to be on the way, Nova took to the stage and moments later Boko made his grand entrance sparking a media frenzy as he was mobbed by the media while he was escorted to the marquee and to the stage where he greeted his thousands of followers who are hoping he would take over the reigns and become president.

Nova was expected to headline an entertainment line up that was to later keep the thousands of party supporters who had come from every corner of the country for the rally. The entertainment was to commence once Boko had delivered his final message to the voters where he made several promises and commitment to the Batswana in what is described as the unpredictable election in the tiny Southern African country in a long time and threatening to remove the long time governing Botswana Democratic Party.

A highly confident Boko is promising sweeping changes to the country if elected to power at a time when BDP is said to be its vulnerable after even former president Ian Khama has left the party and has called for people to vote for UDC in areas where his new party, Botswana Patriotic Front, is not contesting.

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