Vuka Kwabafileyo: New resurrection dance takes over social media

Alph Lukau
Alph Lukau


Vuka kwabafileyo” (rise from the dead) is the latest video to go viral. It’s a more choreographed spin to the #resurrectionchallenge that dominated social media in February.

The resurrection challenge trended after Congolese Pastor Alph Lukau performed a “resurrection” on a man at his church in Johannesburg.

In the viral video, the “resurrected” man emerges from the casket with his mouth wide open with a confused look on his face.

The “Vuka kwabafileyo” dance incorporates the exact actions.

During the service, the high-flying minister known for his lavish lifestyle, encouraged congregants to keep praying for their miracles. Keep on receiving, you are going home with your miracle,” he kept telling congregants as he prayed in tongues.

Alph Lukau

A woman then shouted: “Pastor Alph, something is happening outside. There is a family that is about to bring a corpse to Zimbabwe, but they are saying something is happening, man of God.

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