Vodacom responds to frustrated Cassper Nyovest’s rants over poor service

Cassper Nyovest
Cassper Nyovest

Vodacom Network service has finally responded to Cassper Nyovest who took to twitter to claim that his number has been hacked and that the network didn’t do anything about all the four times it has happened.

Mufasa didn’t shy away from expressing how angry he is about the issue which a lot of other people have experienced. He went on to speak of how the network does not care about people considering how this has been going on for ages and no one has been arrested.

“They do not give a fuck!!! someone shoulda been arrested by now!!! they know exactly whos approving these sim swaps. pathetic!!!” wrote Tsibib.

Cassper Nyovest

After a number of tweets from the rapper the network responded apologizing for the matter and assuring him that it will get the matter fixed ASAP.

“Mr Tsibib, we do apologise for the experience. We take our #TeamRed family security very seriously. The port reversal is complete and an exclusion flag has been loaded to your profile so, less stress more champagne ?” tweeted the network.

Most twitter users thought the tweet was unprofessional for a serious matter such as this one, the Ksazobalit himatker re-tweeted telling them straight that they don’t care.

“These hackers are working overtime and these mobile networks don’t give a rats ass. [email protected] flagged my phone number and promised no one can hack it unless i walk into the store myself. Guess what? They ported and hacked my number for the forth time!!! Useless!!!!”


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