Video of woman crying for R1 000 s.e.x money after man sleeps with her all night breaks social media – Watch


A woman’s video went viral on social media after crying over money promised after s.e.x. In the video, a man keeps asking her why she’s crying and dragging another man’s trouser.

She then tells him that the man promised to give her R1 000 after poking, but failed to deliver.

She said the man didn’t give her a chance to rest as he was poking her all night but in the morning, he only gave her R300.

“He poked me all night and now he’s refusing to pay. I want my money,” she cried further.

Watch the video:

Mzansi turned her into a laughing stock.

Langa Khumalo said you could tell that she went through a lot during the night.

“Imagine getting that money for the whole night’s service. Nka screama!” said Langa.

Another user said even though it looked funny, it was really painful to watch.

“This is not funny. The pain in her voice shows that something pushed her to do this for the money. I believe it is wrong to sell your body. But using and lying to a person is wrong too. This guy is cruel,” said Zolelwa.

Even though some saw this as a joke, some were really feeling bad for her.

“We don’t know what she needed the money for. What if she needed to do some things for her family, this is cruel and I don’t see why people are making it a joke,” said Steven Martin.

Lindeka Mthembu said this man is being stupid by not honouring his side of the deal.

“They both planned this and now he’s trying to make the girl look stupid, that’s not cool,” said Lindeka.

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