Video of Prison Warder having S.E.X on duty goes viral


IT IS still not known when or from where ‘the warder’ took a break from her duties of monitoring prisoners’ activities. But it is known that she was wearing the distinctive brown shirt worn by Correctional Services.


In the 11-second footage, the woman is sitting on top, riding a man who’s holding a camera phone.

It’s also not yet clear if the “female warder” was getting it on with a colleague or a jailbird.

The video hit the internet on Monday, after @DeExceptional posted on Twitter under the caption: “Is this what they get paid for?”

On Twitter, Boet Bianco decided to blame other women for the video: “A woman’s downfall is celebrated and rejoiced by other women.

“Instead of covering one of your own, you circulate it here on social media! Udom, sesi!”

BenjiWordZA said: “They also have personal lives. They’re allowed to have s.e.x. Sometimes there’s no time to change the uniform.”

Nonkululelo complained about bullies: “Next thing when the lady harms herself, they will be busy tweeting ‘Depression is real’.

Some users slammed the woman for not taking off the uniform.

Goitsemang Minivan: “Not like this, sesi. At least respect the uniform and don’t do it at work!”

Rethabile Kekana added, “Wow! This is disturbing.”

Alex Manqele said: “This is a terrible shame. I want to know the reason behind this. That girl doesn’t respect her job. She must be fired.”

Spokesman Singabakho Nxumalo said Correctional Services was aware of the video.

“We’re trying to find out if the woman is employed by Correctional Services, and where the incident took place,” he said.

He said protocol states when and how uniform should be worn.

“Until we can establish the details of the video, we won’t be able to disclose the disciplinary actions. It will be premature for us to comment right now.”

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