#UyangthandaNa is finally back

After a break that seemed like an eternity, popular reality show Uyang’thanda Na has returned to screens, and we laughed like it never left.

Sfundo had the streets stressing when he revealed that he has the hots for his brother’s girlfriend, Bongi. He said the pair had communicated regularly and she had stolen his heart.

Moshe Ndiki

He didn’t know what to do any more and decided to take her on a date to confess his feelings to her. Dude even told her that he loved her and everything!


The thing is, sis has been seeing his brother for two years and immediately questioned what the brother would say.

That didn’t deter Sfundo though, and with the help of a guitarist, he continued to try to serenade Bongi.

Soon the attention turned to the guitarist and just how over the top he was.

Memes and hilarious jokes about Sfundo and the guitarist flooded the TLs, as the show topped the Twitter trends list.





In other news – Stogie T has a word for those who are all about that fake-drip lifestyle

Rapper Stogie T has weighed in on peeps who flex with fake name brands and clothing, saying it leaves him feeling like the person is an impostor. Stogie has seen it all as an OG in the hip-hop game and took to social media this week to reveal how his son tried to convince him to buy a fake Rolex.

Stogie T

The muso said his son told him it was cheaper than the original, which got him thinking about the amount of fong kong goods in the game. I think he has a point on the price (price point) but go buy a less expensive watch that isn’t a pretend Rolex. If you don’t believe it’s worth that much why you pretending you do? This makes me judge people who wear fake brands. Read more

Source: Timeslive

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