published about a coronavirus positive local woman who was fearing for her life while lying on a hospital bed stating that even the nurses were also worried by her scary situation.

Following a couple of clips of herself that have been making rounds on social media, she could be seen in tears, expressing the pain she was feeling.

She could be heard saying, ‘you would not want to be on this hospital bed I’m on right now, it’s really not nice, you keep wondering asking yourself if you would get better, will I go home to my family.’

Fortunately, the woman is doing well and she is recovering. She shared a video in the morning sharing how better she is feeling and that she could run the marathon.

Watch the video:

In other news – She earns R130K a month and over R7 million last year from being n@ked – South African OnlyFans creator, Abby Zeus speaks out: Video

To celebrate her one-year anniversary on the platform, Abby Zeus answered all the questions she has been bombarded with over the last year. $2,000 a week. $8,000 a month.

Abby Zeus

That is how much Abby Zeus earns from being n@ked on the internet. At the current exchange rate, that is a whopping R34,000 weekly and R138,000 monthly. continue reading