Two energy experts slams Eskom leadership as amateurs

Phakamani Hadebe 1
Phakamani Hadebe 1


Two energy experts have slated Eskom’s leadership, arguing that the Eskom board should be sacked and a new CEO with an engineering background and energy experience should be appointed.

Speaking to SABC News, energy expert Ted Blom said he has never seen a “bunch of amateurs” running a company as is the case with Eskom.

Blom said the current Eskom board has been in place for over a year, but the situation at the power utility is now worse than under the previous corrupt board.

“This board is ineffective, they do not have the necessary experience and the chairman is conflicted,” said Blom.

Blom said the ANC government employed people who do not know what is going on because it refuses to look outside of the party for people with the required skills to run Eskom.

He said the solution is to appoint an interim board consisting of people who used to run Eskom effectively until the problems are resolved.

Transform RSA President Adil Nchabeleng concurred with Blom, saying Eskom’s leadership had ample warning and time to resolve the problems at the power utility.

“Management is refusing to raise its head. The board has not spoken. The minister is nowhere to be found. No one knows what is going on,” said Nchabeleng.

He added that Eskom’s board is “chaired by a person who knows nothing about energy, who has admitted that he is not an energy expert”.

“The board should have by now been recused and a new board should have been appointed,” said Nchabeleng.

He said that an experienced CEO with a strong engineering background and understanding of the energy sector should have been appointed.

Eskom CEO Phakamani Hadebe is a newcomer to electricity production and therefore lacks the experience to run such a complex organisation.

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