Twitter weighs in on Minnie Dlamini’s raunchy Tweet

Minnie Dlamini4
Minnie Dlamini4


Twitter weighs in on Minnie Dlamini’s raunchy Tweet. For a long time, s.e.x has been a taboo subject to discuss in many homes around the world and South Africa is no different.

But in recent months we’ve seen some of Mzansi’s most famous women speaking unashamedly about s.e.x – as they should! S.e.x is a completely normal part of human existence. Remember this tweet from Bonang?

In a society that shames and judges women for speaking about s.e.x, South African celebrities are leading the way in changing that.

Minnie Dlamini

Do you think that more celebrities should speak openly about s.e.x like Minnie Dlamini and Bonang have done? In case you missed Minnie’s tweet here is it and how Twitter reacted:

The usually private Minnie Dlamini has just shared a tweet that had most of us choking on our coffee while scrolling through the timeline this morning. We’re used to seeing Minnie’s playful side on social media but she took it to another level when she joked (but wasn’t really joking) about receiving several incredible rounds of s.e.x.

Many of her followers were shocked to read her thoughts, while several others thought that she had been hacked because the contents of her tweet were simply too wild to fathom.

The presenter educated her followers with a new “word of the day” but it’s fair to say nobody expected the lesson that was in store. In fewer than 280 characters, the Homeground presenter extrapolated the deeper meaning of the word “D***matised”. It’s worth noting that this is a slang word popularised by Americans and probably can’t be found in a standard Oxford Dictionary.

Minnie revealed the meaning of this s.e.xual word:

Minnie Tweet

As we mentioned earlier, Minnie Dlamini’s fans were shocked by the “lesson”

Tweet Minnie

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