Traffic police officer slaps man in a Bentley, video goes viral – WATCH


This is a traffic stop that no driver would expect to ever happen. A video has gone viral of a man in a Bentley being slapped by an angered traffic cop in the North West. The driver was occupied by a woman in the car, she is overheard in the recording as she tapes the video. It is unclear how the incident started and why it escalated to this point.

The traffic cop is seen opening the man’s car, unclear what he takes out, but he swings the man’s sunglasses to him, slaps him, and then asks, “who are you calling?” in Zulu.

The woman recording the incident says, “Hayibo”, and the cop swears, “you son of a bitch, go, go.”


The Gauteng Traffic department confirmed on Twitter that the incident happened allegedly near Hartbeespoort. The registration number of the vehicle is unclear and they have urged the victims to open a case at their nearest police station.

They have also asked the public to share any more details that could assist them. There were comments that this may have been a bogus cop, the provincial traffic department responded, “The problem is when does one know it’s fake Cops. In reality, not winding down the window fully, request to see appointment card is basic first step to check.”

After viewing the video, Minister of Transport Fikile Mbalula commented saying he wanted more details of the incident as well.

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