Tony Kgoroge urges actors to unite – Minister Mthethwa can’t fight for you

Veteran actor Tony Kgoroge has called on performers to join forces against disparities within the industry, adding that he has very little faith in the government to assist.

Tony Kgoroge

Taking to Twitter, the actor joined the wave of support that Vatiswa Ndara has received since she penned a scathing open letter accusing Ferguson Films of mistreating actors. Kgoroge advised fellow actors not to rely on government for support.

Tony Kgoroge

Dear actor or performer, please know that minister of the arts and culture Nathi Mthethwa can’t fight for you. The government is not a union. Organise yourself and do away with being excellent individuals. Tell your agents to stop forcing you to sign exploitive contracts,” he wrote.

He also explained that he stood with Vatiswa for calling on the minster to take action against exploitation of actors and performers.

“As long as actors sign those contracts and continue to be individualistic, I don’t see anything chang[ing]. What Vathiswa raised is highly important, but it needs all of us to take action.”
Kgoroge explained that the most important thing was to mobilise and take action against a system that was designed to exploit the artist. The problem is not the #Fergusons; the problem is the system … They are just following what’s being practised.

In other news – Ferguson Films hit back at Keke Mphuthi’s slanderous allegations

The Fergusons finally broke their silence on Wednesday, following the recent allegations of abuse, exploitation and bullying by seasoned actress Vatiswa Ndara.

Keke Mphuthi

On Monday, Ndara revealed details of alleged unfair treatment of actors by production companies which led to other local actors including fellow actress Keke Mphuthi telling their stories. Read more

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