This is how much top SA Rappers & Musicians made from Spotify in 2019 based on their streaming numbers provided by Spotify on the performance of the best artists in South Africa last year.

Nasty C

Local artists are said to earn roughly 5c per stream on Spotify according to a report on Business Insider titled “South African bands only make R50,000 per million plays from Spotify and Apple Music”

Nasty C

Nasty C – R706 000

Nasty C

Kabza De Small– R182 688

Kabza De Small

A- Reece – R75 000

A- Reece

Tellaman – R38 949


In other news – Jessica Nkosi gifts her baby-daddy TK Dlamini an amazing Birthday present

Jessica Nkosi and her daughter Namisa spoilt baby daddy, TK Dlamini with an amazing gift on his birthday.

Jessica Nkosi and TK Dlamini

Jessica Nkosi and her adorable baby Namisa Dlamini, spared no expense yesterday to make sure we are breathing through the wound with all things pertaining to Daddy’s birthday celebration. continue reading

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