Thickleeyonce in ICU after a horrific car accident


Prayers are being sent out for fashion blogger and model Thickleeyonce who is recovering in hospital after being involved in a horrific accident. Thickleeyonce shared the news on Twitter on Thursday. In a post she recounted how she had survived the accident and shared graphic pictures of the wreckage.


The blogger explained in her post that she had been in intensive care for some days and was grateful that she and her sibling made it out of the car crash alive.


“(I have) been in ICU for the past days. This is the most traumatic experience of my life. I cannot thank God enough for giving me a second chance to live. God protected me and my siblings from a very tragic accident, I am filled with gratitude.Thickleeyonce

I am still in ICU and recovering. Though it’s not clear what caused the crash, pictures showed that the car she was travelling in had flipped over and was severely damaged by the impact.
Since sharing her post, a flood of get-well messages were sent to her, with many saying that she was in their prayers.

They wished her a speedy recovery.

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