Thembisa Mdoda serving hairstyle goals: Pictures

Thembisa Mdoda serving hairstyle goals.  Thembisa had everything she wanted in terms of her career, from the hosting to the acting gigs. As if that was not enough she went all the way to dancing. Appearing on Dancing with the Stars although she didn’t go further she truly had it all. Had an amazing year.

Thembisa Mdoda

The star has been all over the place working and we liked how she celebrated her birthday too. From hosting Reality TV shows to acting and being guest of honour in public and private social gatherings. She is currently working on one of the hit Ferguson’s series titled Unmarried and she is doing a fantastic job.

Thembisa Mdoda

The former Our Perfect Wedding presenter Thembisa Mdoda is not only very beautiful but also an exceptional presenter.

Thembisa Mdoda

She received the Best TV Presenter award at Saftas last year. She truely deserved the award, Thembisa proved that she is the real deal when it comes to entertainment in Mzansi. She has done everything that defines a perfect full package in what is required from a professional entertainer.

Thembisa Mdoda

Now talking about her physical appearance, she is good looking much more than her agemates and she possesses a body many would die for.

Thembisa Mdoda

What caught our attention in her latest pictures is the way she is presenting her hairstyles. Uuh she is just hitting the nail on its head.

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