The love that stood the test of time #OurPerfectWedding

Dinah Ntyingila ( 60) and Aaron Neciphal ( 67) met in 1985 on a train from Johannesburg. He immediately proposed his love for her and told her that he would marry her. She played hard to get but he would eventually soften her up.

Being from different towns, he asked for her home address to write letters or use telegrams for communication. However, the love birds would find that long distance would prove to be hard. He was attending bible college, which meant that his time was hard to split with his new love. “ We had a breakdown in communication.” Says Aaron.

Eventually, they broke apart and went on to marry other people. Dinah got traditionally married in 1987, and was set to have her white wedding in 1996. Unfortunately, she would bury her husband on the same date set for her white wedding.


On Aaron’s side, things weren’t looking great either, as his love story didn’t last long. In 2017, the two long lost lovers would be reunited through social media. He found her on Facebook and immediately knew that the feelings for her were still there.

“ I was looking through Facebook, and then I saw her face. That same feeling I had in 1985 took over.” Says Aaron. They arranged to meet and in the same year, he paid her a visit in Sebokeng.

“ She aged gracefully, that showed me that she took care of herself well.” Dinah, says they connected instantly during that visit in 2016, and they haven’t looked back since. They see their union as God’s doing, as they both lost partners and now were given a second chance at love.

In 2017, Aaron proposed to Dinah. “ He went to a private jeweller and said that he has already chosen the ring, he wanted to show me he loves me.” Aaron then placed it on her finger and said “ I want to give you a white wedding, just like I promised you on 1985.”

“I have found my soulmate again.” Says Dinah. These two show us that sometimes love takes longer to materialise, and that it’s never too late! Join Mam Dinah and Bab’ Aaron as they take us through their wishlist; their traditional attires, wedding rings and the cake – This Sunday at 7pm.

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