The Easiest Sports to Bet On if You’re New at Sports Betting

Generally speaking, the majority of the population is comprised of avid supporters of one or more sports.  Many supporters may not root for teams as a mere contemporary form of entertainment, but they see the sport as a trait that defines them as a person. As more people become interested in sports, the process of choosing a winning team becomes more complex. Although, strictly speaking, most sports enthusiasts don’t just follow the games to know if they’ve won or lost money; the thrill of sports betting tends to be one of the most fundamental aspects that keep the gambling industry alive.

This can be explained by recent stats that suggest that more than 80% of the population either occasionally or frequently gambles. This must not come off as a shock, as the old days of illegal gambling are over, and the new secure and legal methods have irrevocably altered the industry. Gambling is not just a quick way to make a couple of extra bucks, but a free-for-all sports hub that provides in-depth knowledge of popular sports and teams. In an attempt to encourage people to start betting successfully, we have compiled this list of sports you should bet on.

But before we get into that, we’d like to stress on the importance of getting familiar with the game’s rules, history, team and individual players’ statistics before choosing a sport to bet on – as a general rule of thumb. The more data you can collect on the sports, the bigger the guarantee that your placed bet is lucky. 

Football (Soccer)

This is probably one of the best places to start your sports betting. It is one of the oldest and globally played sports, making it an obvious suggestion. The fact that it has been around for a century provides you with enough data to accurately place your bet, and make a big sweep from it. Notably, soccer is one of the most popular sports today, with more than half of the world’s population showing interest in it. So it’s no surprise that almost all booking agencies are affiliated with it, offering an unlimited supply of promotions and deals.


Despite it being one of the slower and more aristocratic games on this list, it nonetheless has a wide fan base and many prominent tournaments that are aired globally. Though it might be a little more expensive than other sports to start betting on, you could always keep an eye out for daily top recommendations of the most foolproof bets in the sport that’ll help you win. These types of services act as a collection of all the updates that a gambler would need to carefully place their bet.


The NBA (National Basketball Association) being one of the most notable basketball leagues in the world, has made it a promising option for punters. This sport also has an edge over other options because of the hasty nature of the game. Performance and scoring are all fast-paced, making it one of the easiest games to successfully analyze and pick your winning team.


This is yet another favourite of punters everywhere. Administered by the Major Baseball League, and is the ultimate sport for many sports enthusiasts, baseball has proven to be one of the most captivating betting options on the list. While tournaments played in the US league last a few months to a year, you can find baseball games played internationally in places like Korea and Japan. Should punters do their research and mindfully pick their bets, they would be able to collect money year-round.



While this sport may be notorious for its affiliation with mafias as a sport that criminals benefit from, it remained at the top of the betting list for decades. This is thanks to a rather simple notion; in most cases, there are two players against each other with varying attributes. This creates the opportunity for gamblers to weigh in each boxer’s strengths and weaknesses, and their record of wins, losses and draws, which makes this one of the most promising sports to bet on.

The bottom line is: sports betting is a trade that has various areas to cover. However, it’s not the kind of gambling form based purely on luck, seeing as sports are not a haphazard case of win-or-lose. Meticulous research and dedication will warrant easy money, so long as you choose a sport that you’re generally familiar with. That said, you should definitely start by betting on sports that you enjoy to ensure that the time you invest in data collecting doesn’t get boring.