Thando Hopa makes history as the First Woman with Albinism on a Vogue Cover

Thando Hopa 3
Thando Hopa 3


Thando Hopa has never been afraid to break stereotypes and boundaries and this month she did just that when she made history by becoming the first woman with albinism to grace the cover of Vogue Magazine. They revealed their April issue cover on their social media platforms. This issue is dedicated to the Africa Motherland the birthplace of human beings:

“An edition dedicated to our origins and to Africa, as the birthplace of humankind.”
Hopa wrote in a Facebook post that she had told a close friend in the past that it would be “lovely to see” a woman with albinism on a Vogue cover.

Thando Hopa

She said she could not have imagined that woman to be her.

“We are the ones we have been waiting for. I’m emotional, because I see progress and get to form part of a progressive story and narrative.

“I got to a place in my career where I appreciate every specimen of my body and knowing that wherever I go, my existence, the way it is, has always and will always be enough,” she said.Her post was flooded with congratulations from her supporters.

Thando Hopa

“I love this! I appreciate you and Vogue for embracing and promoting albinism in a positive light,” a comment read.

“So inspiring. All 3 of my children have albinism and they are the most beautiful things to me,” read another. In December 2018, Hopa was named one of the top 100 most influential women across the world.

She is one of many people living with stigmatisation, discrimination and stereotyping because of her skin. During an interview with Top Women last year, Hopa described having to deal with the issue.

Thando Hopa

“It was the contradictory beliefs that people with albinism bring either good or bad luck. Having people hug and hold me for good luck, or conversely spit into the necklines of their tops to ward off bad luck, or make a big show of not wanting to touch me for fear of becoming like me, or having children who are like me. I felt like a walking commodity, struggling to find words to explain how ordinary I am.


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