#TBT with Black Coffee’s gorgeous wife Enhle Mbali: Pictures

Mzansi’s actress and wife to one of the best DJs in the world, Black Coffee, Enhle Mbali spoils us with some Throwback snaps which reveal how she was looking before all the rich and fame.

Enhle Mbali

This kind of doing at times give a lesson to those who want to become great in their lives in future. You will get that feeling which says, if she did it who am i not to do such. It is of course her remembrance but at the same time a lesson to fans and followers.

Enhle Mbali

She has posted the old version of herself and she looked beautiful back in the days. No wonder what Black saw on her, because she is so beautiful.

Enhle Mbali

Last week on a Friday, she posted on her Instagram some back then pictures and she wrote, ‘Flash back to #musicisking2018 #simplylive#simplylove #simplyenhle???#empressenhle ??’.

Enhle Mbali

She just tried to define that she was a simple Enhle, lived a simple life, loved simple and salute to her husband who is the king in music.

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