#TBT The first time Kwesta met his wife, Yolanda

It’s been two months since Kwesta and his wife Yolanda got married. The private couple has slowly but surely began sharing more about their relationship with the public but not too much as they still value their privacy.

In a recent Sony video, the couple shared how they first met each other. According to Mr and Mrs Vilakazi, they first met at a music video set, after one of Yolanda’s friends asked that she help with a music video that they were working on as they were short of video girls for the shoot.

Yolanda admits that she didn’t think much of Kwesta when she first met him and thought that he was not her type. Ouch!


Kwesta shared how he liked her from the moment he laid his eyes on her, but she was just not interested. He further shared that she was getting annoyed and he liked that Yolanda was getting annoyed to the point where she was getting slightly pissed.

However, his main aim was to make her laugh, which she eventually did after a while, how sweet.

Check out the Video below:

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