Sophie Lichaba’s house could be repossessed by the bank

Actress Sophie Lichaba
Actress Sophie Lichaba


Actress Sophie Lichaba’s personal affairs have become a topic for tabloid fodder after it emerged that one of the properties she owns could be repossessed by the bank
Sunday World is reporting that Mercantile Bank applied to the high court to grant an application to repossess Sophie’s flashy house in a Jo’burg estate apparently worth R2,2 million.

Sophie Lichaba

The paper states that Sophie purchased the house in September 2016 under her company Sophla Trading.

Apparently the bond repayment was set at R22 347 per month but the account is apparently in arrears of over R80 000 after it had not been not paid for about four months.

Sophie Lichaba

Sophie confirmed to the tabloid that the house was on the brink of repossession, but explained that she had apparently rented it out to tenants who were supposed to pay the monthly rental into the bond account.
I rented the house to some people who converted the house into an office space. The lease agreement between me and the tenants states that they should pay the rental money into the bond account but they failed to do so for several months,” she said.

Sophie Lichaba

She said that she has instructed her legal team to get into touch with the tenants’ lawyers to try and resolve the matter.

It’s been a rollercoaster of a few months for Sophie who has had to face many ups and downs
Late last year she was targeted by cyberbullies for her weight loss and had to fend off death rumours.

Despite being viciously trolled, Sophie started off the year on a high note and returned to TV screens a month ago as one of the hosts of new Extra talk show Hashtags.

A few weeks ago Sophie also revealed that she and her husband Max Lichaba are set to open a new chesa nyama and lounge in the Vaal.

On Sunday Sophie shared a video on Instagram of the venue with a lengthy caption about how she will always rise above her challenges.

“My Sundays are a constant reminder that the devil always “tries” to come after a Blessed child of the most high God even on holy days.

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