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Don’t want to miss anything important from the world of your favourite sports type? Soccer live scores are now available on the sports statistics website. It covers information from the world of dozens of various championships. Special attention is paid to the Premier League, whose season has recently finished.

The campaign was quite successful for Manchester United. Solskjaer’s team finished in second place. Indeed, it’s far away from Man City, but the Red Devils looked pretty good against the rest of the teams.

United played road games particularly well. Not a single defeat during the season. This is only the 3rd time in the history of the Premier League when the team didn’t lose a single match on the road.

At the end of the campaign, the Red Devils didn’t do their best. They secured the second position in advance, so they chose to focus on playing in the Europa League. You can follow the live scores of all soccer games of this tournament on the sports statistics website.

After a relatively successful season, United fans expect that in the next campaign their favourites will be able to really compete for the title. However, this will require a couple of transfers. Thus, we’ll see what to expect from the team in terms of a new contract this summer.

Premier League score of all the games

On the sports statistics website, you can find all the information not only about the competitions with MU’s participation, but with all other clubs as well. Premier league score which is covered in all the detail, will be at your fingertips.

As for the factors of the successful performance of the Red Devils in the past campaign, the following are worth being mentioned:

  1. Great shape of many leaders. First, Bruno Fernandes and Shaw are worth being mentioned here. Both of them had a great season. Their key passes often proved decisive and helped the Red devils to achieve results.
  2. Good selection of players. For example, Marcial’s injury didn’t become a problem. Instead, Cavani began to play more often. The experienced Uruguayan perfectly fit into the tactical formations of United and managed to score more than 15 goals within the season.
  3. Teamwork of players who made almost no mistakes on the field.

Therefore, the score of games in the Premier League often turned out to be successful. However, will Manchester United be able to compete with City in the long run? We will find out the answer in the next campaign. If you follow the information on the sports statistics website, you won’t surely miss any results from the English football world.

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