Skeem Saam’s Cedric Fourie is our #MCM of the day

Skeem Saam’s Cedric Fourie1
Skeem Saam’s Cedric Fourie1


While social media users were debating whether actor Cedric Fourie is gay or not, we were busy drooling over 582 pictures he posted on Instagram over the past few years
Yes, we made it all the way to his very first post – it was on March 2013 in case you were wondering. Cedric has been blessing his followers with sexxy snaps for years.

Cedric Fourie

The Skeem Saam actor has been on our radar for quite some time now, but his recent comments about the LGBTQI community made us love him even more. Instead, his female fans started questioning his sexuality, with one even saying it would be a “waste” of a good man if he were gay.

Cedric Fourie

“Lol this experience has taught me a lot. Gay men are being called “waste” by some bitter women who’ve just realised they’ll never have them. As if they’d have them if they were not gay. I will never stop being an ally to the LGBTQI+ community ninyile,” he clapped back on Twitter.

Cedric Fourie

As if we needed another reason to love him even more. Cedric is clearly beautiful on the outside and inside.Cedric Fourie

But since we cannot show you what his insides look like, here are five of his sexiest Instagram pictures.

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