Should Mndeni forgive MaMkhize? #eHostelaMzansi



Set in the heart of a KwaZulu Natal’s KwaMashu township, eHostela tackles the story of two sons whose bond is bound in secrets and sealed by guns. Can a family stay loyal when not tied by blood?

Mndeni is shocked when Mam’Mkhize changes her testimony and he is accused of killing Mancinza. He is put on trial.

Mndeni  #ehostelamzansi

The world of hitmen is a dark and dangerous one. What we have learned from Mndeni and his father Manciza, is that it also one full of discipline – especially for whoever is expected to lead ibutho. Discipline is the one thing Jama lacks as a leader. Jama has passion, he has strength, he has killer instinct, he has confidence and arrogance. However, he lacks greatly in discipline.

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