Shona Ferguson pays tribute to his late father on his birthday

Shona took some time to remember his dear late father on his birthday. Pastor Peter Harry Ferguson, Shona’s father, left many memorable moments behind when he passed – Connie and Shona took to social media to share some memories

Local producers Connie and Shona Ferguson are certainly a very close knit family. A message written by Shona paying tribute to his father Pastor Peter Harry Ferguson, only proves just how close this family really is. Shona was celebrating his birthday and he remember the impact his father had in his life. When writing the message he started off with the realisation that he will never again hear his dad say happy birthday to him.

 Pastor Peter Harry Ferguson
Shona’s dad has taught him valuable lessons in life and his dad called him “Dup” (Duplicate). The reason for this was that when Shona was growing up he looked so much like his dad. He said that his father taught him how to be a man, the necessities of being there for your family, how to protect and provide for them.

Shona and Connie Ferguson

He went on to say that he also learnt to put God first, and that Jesus Christ is Lord and Saviour. The most memorable moment was when Pastor Ferguson officiated the renewal of Shona and Connie’s wedding vows. It is a celebration that Shona will cherish forever. Shona continued to say that his father is someone like no other he has ever met that overcome countless battles, whether is was physical or otherwise. He said that his dad always came out on top for no other reason than he had no fear.

 Pastor Peter Harry Ferguson

Jerry Maake, the character Shona plays in The Queen, was inspired by Shona’s late dad. very emotional Shona added he has no idea how he is going to continue to play this character. He said that he is very heart broken and wishes that he could hear his dad’s voice one more time and hear his dad utter the comforting words that all is going to be okay.

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