Shado made Quinton Nyathi run for coffee and Scandal fans loved it

Shado is a strong, independent woman who knows what she wants and isn’t scared to go for it. And right now, she wants Quinton Nyathi. She discreetly showed him but he got so uncomfortable he ran for cover, or rather, coffee.


Chardonnay Jali, better known as Shado, is fearless and fierce. She’s the kind of woman who would chase after her dreams and desires with determination and resolve that can actually be a little scary. And this intense woman has set her sights on Quinton Nyathi. The guy doesn’t stand a chance. According to Shado, Quinton saved her life and she owes him for it. She has promised to keep his name out of her revealing story about the Credential – and doesn’t want money for her silence either.

It looks like what she wants has nothing to do with money and Scandal! fans are so into it. The two had a lot of chemistry before Quinton played the hero and saved Mary, and many viewers would love to see them get together.

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