Saso Ngcobo and Amanda Jingela welcome baby girl

Saso Ngcobo and Amanda Jingela3
Saso Ngcobo and Amanda Jingela3


Sthandwa Senhliziyo yami(My Love), you’re in my future, run around with my son and we’ve just only begun. I’m glad you’re the one that I chose.’’ This is a poignant verse from Saso on Dream team’s debut album, Dream Never Die on an emotional song titled, Sthandwa Sam featuring Linda.

This verse was a prophecy in regards to the kind of future that Lusaso would like to create together with the one that he loves that the most, his Fiancee Amanda Jingela.

Saso Ngcobo and Amanda Jingela

Lusasa Ngcobo of Dream Team fame welcomed a baby girl named Zoya Ngcobo with his fiance, Amanda a couple of days ago. The lovely young couple have been dating for more than four years and during their relationship, they have developed an amazing and strong bond but not only between themselves as a couple but the Ngcobo and Jingela clan as well.

Saso Ngcobo and Amanda Jingela

A few scrolls on their respective Instagram pages, one can easily pick up that these two have a strong support system within their base.

Some of our local celebrities have succumbed to the notion of oversharing every aspect of their love lives in order to gain relevance. However, such is not the case with Saso and Amanda as not much is known about the intricate details surrounding the general state of their relationship. Keeping a relationship that has run for this long under wraps is very commendable.

Saso Ngcobo and Amanda Jingela

In 2016, a dark cloud hovered around the Jingela’s when the matriarch of the family, Busi Mbhele – Jingela passed away. This dark period strengthened the bond and love between the Ngcobo’s and Jingela’s.


In one of the posts on Amanda’s Instagram, she wrote this short and sweet caption about her late mother: “Now that I’m carrying my own baby I’m so excited to see who(the) baby is going to grow up looking like #Busisrose.”

Below is a snap of Lusaso with Amanda at the hospital. Probably a few hours before the arrival of their baby girl, Zoya.

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