Sarah Langa finally sets record straight amid rumours of dating Black Coffee


Sarah Langa has been rumoured to being in a relationship with internationally renowned DJ Black Coffee. For months now this speculation has been ongoing with hints being dropped suggesting that they are indeed a couple.

For starters, the two are always spotted in the same locations at the same time but never together. Just a few weeks ago, they were partying it up in Miami, of course they did not pose together but they shared pics of the same location.

If that’s not enough, Esona, Black Coffee’s son posted Sarah Langa and many thought it was his approval of his new rumoured step mother. The two apparently started dating after Black Coffee’s Luncheon held at his house this year.SARAH

However just recently, Sarah Langa denied being in a relationship saying her divorce messed her up and left her broken. In an Instagram QnA, she said she is on a journey of self discovery and obviously a relationship does not sound like a good idea now.

“Planning to be in a relationship soon?” a follower asked. She replied by saying “Uhmm! Nooo… I’m currently on a journey of self discovery and healing. My divorce really f**ked me up and broke me. I want to focus all of my attention on picking myself up again,” she replied.

Sarah Langa did not have it easy during and after her divorce. If there’s one thing she can say she is proud of was getting her first million as a result of her divorce with ex-husband, Jehan Mackay. The two split up in 2019 after being married for about 2 years and 10 months. This was allegedly due to her obsession with social media.

After all attempts were made to keep their union in place, they decided a divorce was best but Sarah was excepted to be R3 million richer. However she walked away with only a mill. “How did you make your first million?” a fan asked, to which she responded by saying, “I got divorced.”

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