SA Express rescue plan dismissed


The Department of Public Enterprises has dismissed the rescue plan for SA Express. That means the airline’s Business Rescue Practitioners will have to come up with a new plan. The airline was placed under business rescue earlier this year after a service provider failed to receive payments.

SA Express

The Business Rescue Practitioners need funding in order to implement the plan that was presented to the officials but the Department says it’s totally inadequate.

If SA Express fails to secure funding, there’s growing concern their planes will stop flying. A meeting is scheduled to try and resolve the matter.

In other news – Kelly Khumalo won’t quit Gospel Music over Hate

Kelly Khumalo has once again taken aim at those who profess to love God but bully others on social media. The star was dragged recently after she posted a snap of herself in the bathtub, with her underwear lying on the floor.

Kelly Khumalo

Sis was lambasted for “not respecting herself”, while others questioned how she could sing gospel music when she was posting such racy snaps. Kelly hit back in an Instagram video, asking her critics how the snap defined her relationship with God. Read more

Source: eNCA