Restuarant worker who was also first to see Nelli Tembe lying on the street shares shocking details


Restuarant employee Violet Matsvairo (39) went to work on Sunday just like she always did.

But tragedy was to meet her in the street this past weekend.

She was one of the first people who saw young Nelli Tembe on the street.

She told the publication that she was on her way to work when she saw her in front of the hotel.

“At first, I thought it was a drunk person but when I moved closer, I saw blood, and then I knew something was seriously wrong,” said Violet, who lives in Delft.

“At that time there was only a security guard and two other people. Someone from the hotel covered her with a white sheet. Medics arrived a few minutes later. I asked the security guard who told me what had happened. I still have flashbacks.”

Nelli fell from the 10th floor of the Pepperclub Hotel in Cape Town on Sunday morning. Cape Town cops are investigating the incident.

Police spokesman Captain Frederick van Wyk said Cape Town Central cops were investigating an inquest case after an incident at a hotel on Sunday morning in the Cape Town CBD, where the body of a woman (22) was found.

He said anyone with information about the incident should contact CrimeStop on 08600 1011.

In a joint statement released by the Tembe and Forbes families, they said they were in shock and trying to deal with their emotions.

“She was an exceptional and gifted young woman with so much life ahead of her. She had a sweet nature and was always nurturing those around her,” said the statement.

“Her fiance, Kiernan Forbes, is inconsolable.

“He is surrounded by family and friends.”

-daily sun

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