Rachel Kolisi share a romantic date night Pic with her hubby

Rachel Kolisi
Rachel Kolisi


Philanthropist and social media influencer Rachel Kolisi is back on Instagram after a short spell away from social media although she’s hinted that all is not completely forgiven
Rachel, who is married to Springboks captain, Siya Kolisi, deactivated her account after an angry outburst nearly landed her in hot water.

Rachel Kolisi

The young mother clashed with a model by the name of Marike Botha who she claimed was flirting with her husband, Siya.

Marike has since denied the allegations but the damage had already been done. Rachel publicly shamed the fitness instructor from Cape Town before issuing a warning to anybody who was thinking of making a move on her very-off-the-market husband.

Rachel and Siya Kolisi

Unfortunately, her tactics backfired on her and Mrs Kolisi found herself trending for all of the wrong reasons. Deleting her Instagram account was the only way to protect her sanity.
After nearly a month away, Rachel has made the brave decision to return to the public eye and has reactivated her account.

However, Rachel couldn’t resist taking a moment to throw a dig at anybody who was still hung up over the most recent saga
Her Instagram Stories have been filled with precious moments with her family, calls to support victims of Hurricane Idai, and a sly warning to people who are still talking about her marriage. With regards to the latter, she wrote:

Rachel Kolisi

“Best make sure you’ve got ALL the facts before you’re out here so openly jumping to conclusions,” read the quote.

The other woman in this entire saga, Marike Botha, took the time to share her side of the story when she spoke to Drum magazine last week.

“I didn’t cry, I didn’t feel guilty about anything because I knew I hadn’t done anything wrong. I was more shocked,” she said when asked about how she felt in the wake of Rachel’s accusations.

Do you think that this is the last time we’ll see Rachel Kolisi defending her marriage from Siya Kolisi’s admirers?

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