Prince Kaybee on buying all street vendors’ stock – Why not just give them the money –

What may have been intended as well-meaning advice from musician Prince Kaybee, left tweeps feeling like he’s trying to brag, as he told people to rather donate money to street vendors than buy up all their stock.

The announcement of the 21-day national lockdown to curb the spread of the coronavirus has caused stress and panic among a lot of people who are worried about how they will make ends meets.

Prince Kaybee

One group of people particularly affected is the local street vendors, whose source of income has almost vanished thanks to the lockdown.

A couple of people and celebrities, including Somizi, pleaded with people to buy as much as they could from street vendors. However, Prince Kaybee has explained why this notion doesn’t make sense to him.

“The whole thing of buying all stock from street vendors doesn’t make sense to me. Why not just give them the money and let them keep that stock as groceries for themselves for the rest of the lockdown so that when they get back, they have the capital to buy more stock?” the musician asked.

Prince Kaybee

The musician’s followers detected “privilege” undertones in Kaybee’s tweet and questioned him over them being able to afford to “donate” to the street vendors when they were also going through the most financially.

Kaybee further explained himself, saying he’s talking about those people who can afford to “buy everything” the vendor is selling.

“Because you going to buy all stock you will use to a certain degree then the rest will go off, also if you can afford to buy everything they selling then you can definitely afford to just donate that amount and not take anything.”

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