Polyandry is nonsense – Gogos slam the idea of SA women marrying more than one husband


Cultural experts, izangoma and gogos have bashed polyandry. They say isithembu sabafazi is utter nonsense!

“Never in the history of mankind have we heard of something like this. This shows we’re living in the end times,” said gogo Ruth Motsumi (72) from White City in Soweto.

She said some things shouldn’t be allowed.

“This will cause wars. Two bulls won’t live in the same kraal,” she said.

“There won’t be peace until one is defeated and defeat means death.

“They’ll always fight for survival until one is out.”

Anna Mncube

She urged government to review this.

“In fact, it shouldn’t pass that law.”

Gogo Anna Mncube (63) said: “Isithembu has never been good, even when done by men.

“It creates tension.”

According to her, polyandry will cause more domestic violence-related murders.

“These are the days the book of Revelations spoke about,” she said.

“It said a lot of things would shock us – this is one of those things.”

Izangoma told the publication polyandry would cause confusion in the ancestral world.

“A man is the head of the family. That’s why a woman changes her surname to that of the man,” said Skhunisivuthemanzini Mkhize.

“When that process happens, the ancestors are involved.

“If things change, what will happen when women marry men?”

“Nothing will go well for them. The ancestors will turn their backs on them.”

Mathanzima Manzini said a man ought to marry a woman, not the other way round.

“This means we’re now allowing change in our culture and are lost. A lost nation will not succeed in anything.”

Cultural expert Mtimande Ngwenya said: “Government needs to understand we’re Africans.

“There are Western practices that should remain in the West.

“We need not adopt everything the West does, otherwise we’ll be lost for good.”

Nomvelo Ngiba (30) saw nothing wrong with polyandry.

“Women have been doing this, having multiple partners,” she said.

“It’s just that it wasn’t official and they didn’t introduce partners to one another.

“This new law is just to make an old habit official. I see nothing wrong.”

Thokozani Ngubane (35) said: “I don’t approve of it.

“I’d never willingly share a woman. It’s okay if she hides her makhwapheni from me, but the minute I find out I leave.”

-daily sun

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