Pictures – Pasi Koetle is just too much

Pasi Koetle is just too much! The Scandal TV Drama actress, Dintle aka Pasi Koetle has for many times proved that she is really too much. Like when it comes to fashion and dressing, the lady knows what to mix and mingle in order to serve that hot sauce.

Pasi Koetle

Despite being just a mom to a little daughter, Nema, Pasi is that clean mother who always makes sure that she is always on point whenever she dresses up.

Pasi Koetle

She has been receiving a lot of critics from social media platforms over wearing cheap clothes. Unfortunately, that does not bother her at all because she is also a human being who can shop wherever she likes.

Pasi Koetle

And by the way, wearing cheap clothes is totally not a problem or a sin. What is important is to know how to dress, period!

Pasi Koetle

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