Photos: Woman caught using her dirty panties on cooking beer and selling it to the public


It appears some food vendors have cooked up a way to boost their businesses. And this trick has worked so well for some of them, customers kept coming back for more.

The street vendors don’t want their customers to know they put dirty panties and underpants mixed with muthi in the pots.

A 42-year-old man who used to sell skopo in Naledi, Soweto, told the publication his friend recommended this. His business wasn’t doing well and he decided to try it in 2019.

“I have five kids and their mum worked part time. I had to make a plan to provide for my family,” he said.

He took his underwear to a sangoma so he could get more customers

“My wife was against it, so I told her I won’t do it. But I ended up doing it behind her back,” he said.

He was instructed to put the underwear at the bottom of the pot when he cooked and place a small brick so it won’t float.

Woman caught using her dirty panty on cooking beer and selling it to the public

“I did as I was told and saw a change in my business within a week. Customers came in like flies. I had to buy energy drinks because I was always tired. I got someone to help me.

“Things were great. I made at least R35 000 a month if I didn’t work overtime. I was able to provide for my family and pay off all my debt and my wife’s accounts.”

He didn’t know if this compromised customers’ health. Things went south for the man in January after a customer saw the underwear floating.

“I don’t know how the underwear moved. There was no way I could’ve controlled the situation because the girl screamed when she saw it and everyone moved closer,” he said.

“I’m known as the underwear skopo guy and it’s hurtful.”

The man said he hasn’t been making money since his secret came out.

“At least my wife works full time now, but I hate the fact that I can’t provide for my family,” he said.

A woman (47) who sells skopo said a friend recommended this to her.

“This would have caused spiritual problems for my clients, so I’m okay with the little I’m making,” she said.

Another vendor (51) who sells skopo said: “I thought about all the negatives this could have. I don’t want to imagine what would happen if someone found out.

People shouldn’t do this.”

A man who sells skopo and amagwinya once did this for two weeks. He stopped as he was disgusted.

A woman (53) who’s been selling mqombothi for six years said she used the trick but her man made her stop.

“No one knew about it. I’m glad I stopped. I didn’t realize it could give clients spiritual problems,” she said.

Even though some vendors claim to have seen success after using this trick, izangoma warned against it.

Woman caught using her dirty panty on cooking beer and selling it to the public

Sangoma Joseph Dungamanzi said the muthi used is called woza woza.

“Clients take their dirty underwear to the sangoma and they work on them in the indumba,” he said.

“When you’re brewing your mqombothi you place that panty at the bottom of the bucket, put a brick on top of it so that it won’t float and then pour your mqombothi in the bucket.”

But he’s never helped anyone with it and never will.

“Making people eat your dirt is a health hazard, and let’s not forget about the spiritual problems.”

He gave an example of a person whose [email protected] might be cursed.

“That might be transferred to someone else and may cause problems in their lives. People need to stop doing this,” he said.

Three days ago ZimDaily Society reported on a woman caught using her dirty panty on umqombothi and selling it to the public. She was bust by a group of men as seen in the pictures.

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