Pasi Koetle opens up about not posting her daughter and hubby on social media



Pasi Koetle is one of the celebs that feel her private life is just that – private. She often shares posts with her fans and keeps them in the loop on what’s happening in her life, but she’s more stingy with her daughter and hubby’s lives.

Pasi Koetle

While many celebs have no problem with sharing every facet of their lives with their fans and followers, Pasi Koetle isn’t one of them. The actress keeps her hubby and daughter out of her posts for the most part, but she will sometimes give fans a glimpse of how adorable she and her baby girl look together.

Pasi Koetle

Pasi explained why she chose to keep her daughter’s identity private for now. “I hide my baby’s face because I’m waiting for her to tell me if I should post her or not. I don’t want to decide for her.”

Pasi Koetle
The gorgeous Scandal! actress also says her daughter is what keeps her going. “This little one keeps me going, beautiful blessing from God.

Pasi Koetle

Despite choosing to give her daughter the right to choose whether or not her face gets shared on social media, noticed that Pasi has shared some snaps without giving away too much. From what we can see, her daughter is absolutely adorable.

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