Papa Penny is on his way to being an insurance mogul

If there is one thing Tsonga disco music icon Papa Penny doesn’t lack is confidence. Nothing about him is ordinary, from his overly elaborate outfits to his colourful personality.

Bold in the moves he makes too, now Papa Penny is the owner of a funeral cover that he says through his insurance business, he will prove to people that it isn’t for white people only.

Papa Penny

The Mzansi reality TV star says Papa Penny Funeral Cover, an idea that was birthed in 2018 is fully operational. He plans to create wealth for his children.

Papa Penny

“As a man you have to think. If the sun goes down what will your children eat? You have to use your brain to create businesses and income,” he says. In 2017, he debuted on his own reality show which turned out to be a hit. It is in his third season now and its ratings still impressive.

This exposure has made him one of the celebrities whose lives are quite topical, and he is using all this attention to his advantage.


A confident Papa Penny says he doesn’t understand why black people confidence doesn’t have to go for what they want.

“Insurance isn’t for white people only, we too can do it. I am black person and understand what black people need,” he adds.

Papa Penny

Although the business isn’t anything new in the market, he says he plans to show compassion to bereaved families by paying them a visit or hosting a special show for them as a special treat of the Papa Penny Funeral Cover. Ever wondered where he gets all these outfits he wears? Well, you won’t have to wonder anymore because he will be launching his clothing label soon.

“They always ask me where I get my clothes so at least now they will be able to wear me,” Papa Penny says.

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