Ozzy Osbourne expected to be dead by now

Ozzy Osbourne
Ozzy Osbourne


Ozzy Osbourne thought his wild lifestyle would have killed him before he turned 40. The 70-year-old admitted he used to think his history with addiction as well as the bizarre things he used to do on stage when fronting heavy metal band Black Sabbath – including biting the heads off bats off – would have killed him by now.

Ozzy Osbourne

But after a serious battle with pneumonia recently, perhaps it’s the very opposite and his outrageous lifestyle is what kept him alive all these years.

He told Metal Hammer magazine: “If you’d said to me years ago, ‘How long do you think you’ll last?’ I would’ve said, ‘I’ll be dead by 40!’ Luck has shadowed me all the way…

“I’ve fallen out of lift shafts and windows. I broke my neck on a quad bike. There was one time when I died twice on the way to hospital. I might be unsinkable!”

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