Local actress and model, Omuhle Gela is the newest face to join Mzansi Magic’s The Queen and according to her, viewers are going to love her role. Taking to her Instagram page, she announced that she’ll be joining the popular show, and hopes that viewers enjoy her role as Khumbuzile, as much as she enjoys playing her.

Omuhle Gela

“As we continue to thank God for the blessings. I’m on my favourite Show. See you this week on @the_queen_mzansi. Hope you like her,” she wrote.
Speaking to DRUM, the 29-year-old actress didn’t want to reveal too much about her character but did tell us Khumbuzile is a hidden love child who’s just trying to have a relationship with her father.

Omuhle Gela

“Khumbuzile is someone’s love child, no one knows about her because she’s the only child who was hidden by her father. She’s basically all about family and she’s trying to get to know her siblings as well,” she says. Like all actors, Omuhle had to audition for the role, and the process never gets easier.

“I still get super nervous when I have to audition for a role, this wasn’t different at all. I initially auditioned for a different role, but I didn’t get it because I look a bit too young for it. So, I was called for this one instead, and I’m so grateful for how everything turned out. They took months to give me a response after my audition, so I thought I didn’t get it,” she laughs. She loves every character she plays because they all challenge her and bring out something new in her, but the one thing she admires about Khumbuzile is how independent she is.

Omuhle Gela

“She’s such an independent young lady, she’s studying for her honours and is just very self-sufficient, I love that!” Are there any similarities between Omuhle and Khumbuzile?

“Yes, quite a few. But mostly how feisty we both are, apparently,” she chuckles. “And she’s very strong, I see a bit of myself in her. The three things Omuhle thinks the audience will love about Khumbuzile are: “Firstly, she’s very stylish, very swaggy young woman, they’ll love that. Also, she’s got a bit of an attitude, she brings some spice, and she brags a whole lot,” Omuhle laughs.

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