Nyan’ Nyan’ presenter Luyanda Potwana on his weight struggles


Luyanda Potwana has been quite open about his weight struggles. Two years ago, he suprised fans when he announced that he had dropped about 4 pant sizes of weight in just 3 months. A whole 13 kgs, translating to about 1kg per week.

His before and after photos went viral on Instagram inspiring thousands struggling with the same issue. He also made it clear that his weight loss had nothing to do with surgery, magic pills or miracle concortions, but rather good old hard work and perseverance.


Luyanda Potwana

“The Luyanda you knew 15 weeks ago •VS• the Luyanda you don’t know 15 weeks later. 3 months of DECISION > DEDICATION > HARD WORK > PERSEVERANCE = 13 kgs lost! (106kg — 93kg),” he declared. So has he been able to sustain the momentum? Unfortunately no.

Luyanda Potwana

Speaking to the media recently, the Nyan’ Nyan presenter revealed that making the kilos go away permanently has been an ongoing struggle. Some have crept back in, and this he blames on his hectic work schedule.

Luyanda Potwana

Having to travel to all corners of the country regularly has seen him not stick to proper diet and exercise regime he says. It’s not easy when you travel all the time. I am always on the road and I am not able to eat healthy,” he explained. Well, talking about it is the first step, and hopefully he will find ways of balancing work and workout.

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