Ntsiki Mazwai says Metro FM is protecting Moshe Ndiki

Ntsiki Mazwai says Moshe Ndiki is being ‘protected’ by Metro FM following alleged body-shaming comments over the weekend. Taking to her Twitter page, the local poet shared an email she received from Metro FM station manager Anthony “Tony” Soglo after she laid a complaint regarding comments Ndiki made on Mo Flava’s breakfast radio show regarding semi-nude photographs she posted online.

In the letter Soglo said that he had had a meeting about the comments Ndiki made and asked him to apologise to her in statement and on-air. Mazwai then responded to his email and said: “Good afternoon sir,

Ntsiki Mazwai

“There are a few points I need to come across:

An unreserved apology does not come with excuses otherwise it cancels it out.
I heard about this apology where apparently the other hosts kept giggling and disrupting to show that none of you take this matter seriously. Hate Speech and defamation are legal issues and not a laughing matter to be made light of.

Moshe Ndiki and Phelo Bala
I have no relationship with Moshe which is why I am stunned that he can speak in a “tongue in cheek” manner about me in bad light. Besides the interview I did with him for my work I don’t know the young man and don’t know why he feels overly familiar.
As the national broadcaster your role is to create radio content that has integrity and is authentic and not a platform for childish antics. You need to set a better example.
“Your brand has existed for many years and you cannot allow ill professionalism to drag down the Metro FM name.

“I hope next time you do better… even as leaders, because it is through your leadership that Metro FM can occupy the revered position it used to hold. Don’t turn Metro FM into trashy gossip. Thank you”.



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