Ntando Duma and Sbahle melt hearts in an adorable mother-daughter moment


Ntando and Sbahle are the cutest mother-daughter duo ever – Trying to record something they had practised for the gram, Sbahle had Ntando in stitches – Sbahle is too smart for her age, Ntando has truly been blessed.

Ntando Duma and Sbahle

Ntando Duma and her adorable baby girl Sbahle are the cutest mother-daughter duo Mzansi has ever seen. Ever since the day Ntando found out that she was pregnant, she knew that she was not only gaining the privilege of becoming a mother but that she was gaining a best friend.

Ntando Duma

Ntando is one proud momma bear who loves her baby girl with her entire being. Sbahle and Ntando spend a lot of time together and their bond is truly unbreakable. Taking to social media, Ntando shared the sweetest clip of her and Sbahle. They had planned a whole routine, but as a two-year-old does, Sbahle changed it up and left her momma in fits of laughter.

Ntando Duma & baby-daddy, Junior DeRocka

Finally, after Ntando stopped laughing, she and Sbahle performed what they had practised. Sbahle is a bright little lady and her momma has so much to be proud of. Ntando pointed to her eyes, nose etc… and Sbahle told her what their purpose is. Eyes to, see with, nose to, smell with… The cuteness in this one clip is just too much!

Ntando Duma and Sbahle

Ntando Duma and Junior de Rocka’s baby girl Sbahle is way ahead of her time! Sbahle’s going to be cracking NASA codes before she can use the toilet. Sbahle is a whole two years old and a prime example that age is but a number.

This little miss sassy pants has already given her parents so much to be proud of; we can only imagine what’s to come. While it’s totally normal for toddlers to be playing games on their parent’s phones, being able to know how to turn the mobile hotspot function on with no help, at the age of two, is next level!

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